and fully embrace yourself in a community of care…

…replenish and move into the world fully charged 
living out your truest essence!

Your Inner Wisdom
with your Sacred Yes

Your True Colors Unapologetically

to make space for your creative nourishment AND 
access your deep, creative inner Wisdom in relationship to Divine Love?

 “My time with Ally has been critical life support for me. Ally has awakened color and beauty in my life. When I began “diving deep” with art, I trusted Ally’s leadership and her invitation to LOVE myself and listen to my own voice. She helped me “hear” and “see” in new ways. Ally guided me to linger and be led by feminine wisdom.” 

Sue Hudson,
Reverend & Author
Spirited Voyager: A Memoir of Motherhood,  Mission and Ministry

Soul Explorers, Daring Dreamers,
Hope-Filled Healers, Magical Ministers, Caring Creatives,

Eloquent Empaths, Idea Inspirers, Poetic Practitioners


You are ready to set time aside
to “BE” and not “DO”

You want to be in greater touch
with the heart of feminine wisdom
within and around you

You are looking to expand your presence
and express your true colors

You need a “time out” from the activity of life
to hear from the still, small voice within
through creative means

You desire to be in community with other
soulful, wise women who share a love of navigating
one’s personal story with compassion

You are READY to take action to share your love
and express your  authentic care in the world

Welcome to Colorful Me Sanctuary
A Soulful Haven to Spark Your Visual Story

Come, BE with Divine Love
as you heart-fully create.

You are SACRED.


You hold WISDOM within.

Experience a
deepening of relationship,
clarity of vision and
greater peace as you weave
soulful, creative practice
into your life.

What makes the Colorful Me Sanctuary unique?


Monthly Virtual Gathering
to Uplift Feminine Wisdom

Each month, come, connect and grow with other women who love to dive deep into the spirited thread of their stories. We’ll gather to soulfully inquire around a theme. Journaling and lighthearted drawing prompts will guide us to shine a light on our inner wisdom. Then, we’ll witness one another in love as each woman weaves her truth into this receptive tapestry of voices. Connect in supportive, loving community  that encourages depth and soulful exploration. 


Monthly Virtual Studio Time
to Create & Ruminate

Come monthly to “BE” the Creation Studio, a virtual time to show up as you are, bring your creative supplies and create aside other amazing women who are on this journey with you. We’ll share what we are working on and then move into quiet reflection as we make in the midst of supportive community. Bring your questions to learn tips and techniques!


Sustainable, Soulful Discovery 
at the Intersection of Creativity & Divine Love

Be inspired as you enter into a time of refreshment to playfully navigate the dynamic terrain of your story.
I’ll send you weekly creative prompts where I gently guide you to paint (watercolor), draw & write! These prompts weave and layer over the season to form a completed piece of artwork, such as a storybook, set of altar cards, or frameable image. Make room for sustainable, sacred solitude to create in relationship with Divine Love. Tune in and unearth your personal wisdom. Then, come share your art and words in our private, online community space. No art experience is necessary. Only a willing sense of adventure!


SEASON OF PRESence: Sanctuary of you

>> This sacred, creative journey guides you to re-member yourself as an expansive sanctuary that holds a world of prayer and blessing. Along this colorful path, you'll bridge relationship with yourself as both human and Divine, discover the jewels of your interior world that desire to shine bright and nurture a heartfelt, creative connection with your environment. If you’ve experienced “sanctuary” as an exterior place to “attend,” this will be a healing experience to embrace the sacred vessel of YOU.

>> During this season, you’ll receive weekly prompts to create a color-filled Sanctuary Soul Book that holds handwritten blessings, prayers and ritual cards with the magic of color and word. Enter into a time to slow down and be present to the Sanctuary of YOU. Materials suggested are a sketchbook; sheet of watercolor paper; black, permanent marker and watercolors!

— other UPCOMING seasons include —

Soul Mama’s 
Mark of Love 
In Spring ‘23, grow
your relationship with Sacred Mother’s love. Begins at the end of February 2023.

Curious Bird’s 
Flight of Possibility

In Summer ‘23,
ignite inspiration and  get access to your inquiries and ideas. Begins in June 2023.


Kindle Your
Creative Dreams

In Fall, gather your
innovation and activate your vision. Begins September 2023.


  • Deeply nourish your being as you embody slower rhythms of creative practice to calm your system.
  • Grow confidence to express your authentic self.
  • Have a fresh way to listen in for Divine Love 
    through prayerful, creative practice.
  • Bring alignment to your interior “be”ing and 
    exterior “do”ing.
  • Explore relations between your story and ancient feminine wisdom to ground in with a wider web of support.
  • Bring compassion and clear decision-making to your life by visually sparking your story with line, color and word. 
  • Release “getting it right,” receive yourself where you are as you intentionally engage with the process of creation.
  • Ignite wonderment and imagination with your daily path. 
  • Make connections with other deep, soulful women who hold a space of reception and witness for unique creativity to be shared. 


Hello colorful soul!

I’m Ally.

I’m a soulful woman on a quest to spark feminine intuition, 

sacred imagination and creative possibility.

Two of the deepest beliefs I hold are:

You and I are SACRED.

CREATIVITY is our birthright.

My deep desire for you is that you honor yourself as sacred,
AND that you have access to your creative power
so you make choices from your inner wisdom.

I care deeply that you take time for creative nourishment
so you may access your intuition and live intimately connected
to YOUR colorful ideas and authentic vision in relationship with Divine Love.

You see, there was a time when I didn’t have a moment to “make”.
Creative space felt like a bountiful garden that I wouldn’t allow myself to be in.
I lost my way from my creative spark and shut the door to my inner artist.
I’m also a recovering perfectionist who has danced with frustration
at not getting the perfect, creative outcome.

This all changed when I started to engage creativity
as sacred relationship between Divine Love and myself.

Today, I have a sustainable, creative practice that opens me to inner feminine wisdom and soulful ideas. This practice changes daily and flows organically. The creative life isn’t static!

Showing up for myself through ritual and art making has been a slow, tender practice of self-compassion as well as a transformative shift to the actions I take in my life.

As I create, possibility and healing arises through image and word; transformative —
vibrant action follows.

I’d love to gently guide you to tend YOUR sacred story with
the magic of color and words.

Join the Colorful Me Sanctuary

Grow creative prowess and relationship
with your inner Wisdom  and move into the world
with compassionate presence for yourself and others.

Enter for a Season
— OR —
Join as an Annual Member

AND Receive One Season Complimentary 

to open your BE-ing to transformative, soulful creativity?

 “Creating with Ally opened a path I never thought I’d walk again. I’m returning to women’s ministry (in a broader sense than the church). Ally is a wonderful teacher, moving at a pace that is just right. I appreciate Ally’s open spirit and the way she holds space during our time together as she honors each person’s story and contribution. Providing us with an opening and closing ritual is food for the soul. I’m thankful for Ally’s ministry and where it’s led me. ” 

Ruth Anna Abigail

– In the Colorful Me Sanctuary, YOU RECEIVE —


soulful, creative prompts
that guide you to reflect,
tend your sacred story
and connect with inner
Divine Love
on your timeframe.


to a sustainable practice that
slows you down, awakens play, honors depth and guides you 
toward transformative possibility
in under one hour per week.


how to gently return to creative practice when you lose your way. Be encouraged by other’s who
are on the path with you.
Gain access to simple ways
to make boundaries for your creative time. 


a private online
community to post
your art & writing 
process. Receive loving 
witness on
your creations.


your voice as you share
IN-sights with others as we come together each month to connect on a theme during Illuminate Circle. Grow your listening
as you witness other’s stories 
and perspectives.


aside other women each month during virtual studio time.
Experience the benefits of

making aside one another
and the inspiration that comes from BE-ing together.


THE STORY: Here’s how Colorful Me Sanctuary came to be…

• In my 30’s, I stepped onto the sacred path to learn the ins and outs of faith.
I became immersed in reading, small groups, and devotional books. I was on a search
to gain the proper “knowledge.”

• In 2014, I engaged coursework in Spiritual Formation that opened me up to
contemplative practices including: silence as prayer, Lectio Divina, deep listening and
body movement. “Knowing” unraveled as I found myself swimming in the mystery.
I began a blog to share my journey.

• In 2017, I started to question the lack of creativity and mother Wisdom in faith
institutions and took a break from volunteer work (in the church). Before long, I found artist, Shiloh Sophia, and her community of Musea. In 2018, I completed the Color of Woman program to become an Intentional Creativity® Educator.

• In 2019, I opened Soul Kindling, my creative business to guide retreats,
workshops and share soulful, creative resources with women at the intersection of
sacred love and creative power.

Now, I walk side-by-side women to guide them to re-member their deep, inner Wisdom.
I’ve seen women transform their lives! Women who work with me:

Make room for more REST and renewal

RE-MEMBER themselves as creative as they write, draw and color their story.

Gain access to what MATTERS to them and then
VOICE for their ideas and values to those in their inner circles and communities.

Choose to leave jobs that drain in order to work in spaces that ALIGN with their hearts and value their gifts.

Bring healing to patriarchal wounding and CONNECT with the sacred feminine.

Here’s how The Colorful Me Sanctuary
inspires your sacred BE-ing:

Want sustainable creative practice that empowers your inner Wisdom in a community of support?

You’ll have access to weekly creative prompts that take 30-60 minutes 
so you can see the power of weaving intentional creativity into your life  

Intentional times of pause will be woven through each season to honor your body, mind and spirit.  

Enter into a gathering with women who are open to the deep soul dive for their lives 


A rich and playful adventure
of self-care to discover yourself
as the treasure. Along the way, create a vibrant, portable altar box and a story map. 


During each season, we go on an art and writing journey. Each week, you’ll receive creative prompts that magically weave together to create a vibrant completed piece of art over the entirety of the season. During Season of Presence, we create a Sanctuary Soul Book.

Each season is ten to twelve weeks long. During the season, there are some lighter weeks to intentionally practice the art of rest. We’ll take a break of 3 weeks in between seasons.

I recommend a set of fine line black permanent markers, a pencil, watercolor paints, a large sheet (22”x28”) of watercolor paper and a mixed media sketchbook for the seasonal journey.

Come and BE you! The creative weekly prompts are there for your inspiration. They DO weave together to create a completed project. However, if you’d rather work with them in a sketchbook or on a canvas, you have freedom to interpret the prompts in the way that feel good to you. During “BE the Creation Studio” time, you are welcome to bring any creative project you’d like to work on in community.

Annual Plan — Pay for all four seasons at once and receive one season complimentary!

Seasonal Payment Plan — Receive a discount when you pay for the full season at once. Pick and choose the seasons that work for you and your schedule.

Monthly Payment Plan: Four Payments for the Season — Pay for the season in smaller increments. Four payments are required to maintain permanent access to the season in your creative library.

Join along for a season, several seasons or years to come! You have a seven day grace period (from the onset of the season) to cancel once you’ve joined.

The weekly creative prompts are designed to take you thirty to sixty minutes total during the week.     

Weekly prompts may include journaling inquiries, guided videos for drawing/painting, guided audio meditations or spiritual practice — such as taking a walk in nature and listening for the Divine.  

Currently, Illuminate Circle will happen one Tuesday per month and switch back and forth between an afternoon and evening (Eastern Time Zone) call. “BE” the Creation Studio will occur one Friday per month at 8am (PT) / 11am (ET). If you can’t make the circle, Illuminate Circle will be recorded and made available to you to watch during a time that’s convenient for you. “BE” the Creation Studio will have the warm up practice recorded and made available. Another way to connect and share your art with the community is by posting in the private Colorful Me community once you’re registered.

Drop me a Note!